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Landscape Photography

Works by:

Guilherme Licurgo

Jill Peters

Juan Pablo Castro

Sebastian Palomo Danko


August 29 - September 19, 2018


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Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1983 and is currently residing and working in São Paulo, Brazil. 

Invited to model for Terry Richardson for his book, “Terry Richardson Rio Cidade Maravilhosa” in 2008, inspired Guilherme went to study Photography at the Panamericana School of Art. He discovered his real passion behind the lens, creating images. He has been working as a photographer ever since.

"Guilherme Licurgo has reached into Martha Graham's essential beliefs and extended them into the future.I know Martha would be intrigued and delighted by these evocative photos and feel the deep connection to her own creative discoveries. The Martha Graham Dance Company wishes to thank Guilherme Licurgo for his sensitivity, his generosity and his artistry in transforming our historic legacy with these stunning photographs."

Janet Eilber

Artistic Director of the Martha Graham Dance Company


Born in Miami and trained in NYC. Peters worked with prestigious photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier, and shot editorials for Harper’s Bazaar, LIFE, Interview, Details, George, Vanity Fair and many more publications.


Upon returning to live in Miami Beach in 2012, Peters happened to revisit the Miami Marine Stadium, a landmark she had frequented as a child, Long abandoned. Jill Peters finds her inspiration in the quickly changing architectural landmarks of her youth, like the demolished Miami Herald building, an abandoned roller coaster or a neglected go-cart track. Shooting mostly from air, which allows her to find a new level of intrinsic beauty to otherwise overlooked structures, Peters has gone on to capture and document man’s wider imprint on nature. Whether it’s the graphic symmetry of urban architecture or the abstract choreography of the forms and hues of nature itself. Within this body of work, one can marvel at the worn wreckage of the past or the fragile resources of the present. 



Frames that capture the transformation from the everyday life into another reality. Images that explore how the future will look. Colombian photographer Juan Pablo Castro presents a proposal that comes from the contemporary, but goes beyond what would be expected. His background as an industrial designer has made him interested in the little things in life that make a difference. With a fascination for color and shape, Castro translates his personal experiences into images that present characters, situations and stories, combining elements from the daily life under his distinctive perception, with a particular twist that makes each frame a piece of art. Industrial, eccentric, forward looking, Castro’s vision is a combination of different influences that are translated into deconstructed images. Castro has surrounded himself with art, inspiration and creative sources that have enriched his work and the way he perceives the world around him. Juan Pablo Castro creates images to express, not to impress.


Sebastián Palomo Danko believes that photography, as an art form, is what is transmitted. His artworks never try to tell the viewer what they should feel. They are only giving them something to think about and what the heart commands. Each piece represents that there are no rules, only feelings. It is up to the audience to imagine the story behind the image.


Exhibition History:

2017 - Permanent Exhibition: “Queiles”, Madrid, Spain

2017 – “Tome y Lucas”, Madrid, Spain

2017 – Permanent Exhibition: “La Tasca Suprema”, Madrid, Spain

2016 – Art fair Ibertoro, Caceres, Spain

2016 – Museum of the Coria Jail, Caceres, Spain

2015 – Hotel Rio, Badajoz, Spain

2015 - “Discovering San Isidro” Las Ventas, Madrid, Spain

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