The pictures of Antonio Castañeda, give a face to tens of facades of buildings that, for him, speak of one state of the soul sometimes proud, other lost and abandoned and, that in the end, do not reveal more than a nostalgia for a place that captivates beauty. 

The history of a place or a city is reflected, or is condensed or can be told, in its buildings, through these or as an event in which the protagonists are not human characters but buildings. There are, as you can guess, many other ways of structuring or telling that story, the best-known being to spin social and political episodes, without neglecting ethnic, economic and religious events. 


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 The story of the front

"The story of the front" which tells the history of architecture through images of the most representative facades of different times, made with a planimetric representation technique by the artist. To achieve this the artist produces small fragments at different levels of the construction, which are then assembled in digital form, to confirm the representation of the planimetry of the facade without distortion or perspective. In short, the final image of a single building can consist of 100 or more photographs.


Santa Marta