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Carolina Borrero is an artist and plant deconstructor. Her research is based on the need to observe the territory from the coexistence relations that human beings establish with the environment, matter, and other living beings, from there, she dedicates herself to investigating the consequences and transformations that occur in this process.

Under the premise that every presence is translated into a trace and that it will inevitably produce some alteration or vestige, it studies the paradox that the notion of progress supposes as a transversal axis of human thought, since taking raw materials from nature, altering territories and existing alike. At the same time with others, he supposes that transforming is also transforming oneself.

Based on this observation, she conducts his plastic research towards a laboratory of transformations and traces, a detailed taxonomy of changes in the materials he works with: she turns pieces of wood into drawings, plants into skinning exercises, or sterile materials into fertile soils, understanding that his work as an artist is integrated into social and environmental problems and that art is part of the great whole that coexisting means.

She has exhibited his work in different galleries and in the Botanical Garden of Bogotá, El Parqueadero del MAMU and the exhibition halls of the Chamber of Commerce; she was a finalist in the Young Art Salon of the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation and the Colsanitas Youth Art Salon and the Spanish Embassy, selected to participate in ArtBo in the Chamber Art section and has been the winner of the en Blanco calls for El Dorado Space, the intervention on the facade of La Cometa Gallery and Artistic Residences in Block of the Santa Fe Gallery.


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The land that Bogotá still conserves as wetlands and its vegetation are witnesses of how the large bodies of water that made up the savannah, gave transition to a large city through human intervention; Invading Gardens is a taxonomy of non-native plants in the city's wetlands, these species alter and destroy the ecosystem and were extracted as raw materials and ornaments. It is a photographic exercise where the plants are extracted from their current habitat, to turn them back into raw materials and give them an ornamental character, which allows them to return to be part of the landscape as property of consumption or invasive gardens.

Invasive Gardens