Michael Gitter is a water artist. He creates his own works and often collaborates with other artists. He transforms acrylic, glass, stone, marble metals and other materials into innovative, modern and often whimsical works of water art. Gitter usually fully encloses the water within the clear and colorful structures, so collectors can see and hear the relaxing water cascading, without getting wet, having to refill or even clean the fountains. They are designed for indoor or outdoor use and can run continuously for months without requiring any maintenance.

Until recently, Gitter has been involved in a number of passionate creative and business projects. Since the birth of his daughter, Ocean, this past February, this single-dad has decided to pursue fountain-making full-time. He has exhibited at the Pleiades Gallery in Chelsea, the Brooklyn Waterfront Show in Red Hook, and most recently at the AQUA Art Miami Show during Art Basel.



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