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01 FEB 2016 – 31 MAR 2016 

The End of Estrangement: Photographs of America and Cuba shows the juxtaposition of seeing through their subjects the hardships of their own lives in countries going through their own struggles. The artist’s photographed women they often met on the road and sometimes on the same day of the shoot. Referencing cinema and classic paintings, they dramatize these images making the observer wonder what these women have gone through and where are they headed, giving them a newfound hope in their lives. These fascinating images intrigue the viewer to embark on this journey with the artists. Mesmerized by these women's transformation into heroines or femme fatales we are able to witness a moment of intense emotion and reflection frozen in a world caught between reality and fantasy.


This exhibition consists of photographs from their Circumstance series, which is a body of work they started to produce in 2009 where they traveled cross-country from New York to Los Angeles, stopping through twenty-five states. Since then, they have extended the series to Cuba, Mexico and Japan. Circumstance has to do with how they envision different places in their own culture. Such as, having a natural ability to capture the spirit of desolate settings mixed with romanticism and nostalgia while at the same time bringing out the beauty of architecture, interiors and landscape.



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