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Daniel Casique's paintings reflect a point-of-view that possesses a unique voice that speaks an independent message to every viewer. In almost all of his paintings, nature occupies a key place in work. He uses nature to show deep and dramatic the emotional state that most people go through in their life.

More so, the intention behind many of the artist artworks is to express emotional states subject to experiences that helped to steer the course of how to hatch this fragment of history in life through a figurative composition. Knowing that product of the observation is measures, but in a sensitive context, the artist organizes each concept and represent them in a round space that serves, in this case, as an immediate visual bridge with the viewer.In addition to the central human figures, it is worth mentioning that nature occupies a key place in his artwork.

His works depict emotional state and intimately linked to human expression. His artwork involves corporeal vegetable form that manages to transform itself physically and symbolically in favor of a reaction of the protagonist in work. All this, touching a surreal visual environment, forms, and movements that inspire beauty, where the viewer can feel connected to the artwork. Most of the artwork make viewers think that the outcome has not yet been generated, and thus provoke a reading beyond the pictorial plane. 


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His artworks are a reflection of the life that is dynamic and sometimes not as rational of ourselves as beings. It is from this point that the artists concentrate on these psychosocial elements so strongly human, and he continues to develop works with unique stories while focusing on oil paintings.



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