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Doug Meyer Studio is located in New York City. Doug Meyer is a designer and artist who began his preoccupation and experimentation with materiality and color back in 1970 when he created an art studio in his parent’s basement. He worked with the legendary art dealer, Holly Solomon, as his first job out of Parson’s School of Design. Holly taught him that interiors could become livable works of art. His widely published iconic color saturated interiors have earned him a reputation as a master colorist in the industry. What influences Meyer’s interiors is combining disparate pieces and making them work in the most perfect and odd way. Meyer’s early training and dealing in 20th-century furniture and design has given him an appreciation and understanding of design that creates balanced and memorable spaces. He has worked across a wide range of disciplines, creating everything from site-specific spaces, curating and designing– museum exhibitions, editor-at-large for art and design magazines, designing home products and a soon to be released unique and limited edition of art objects.


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