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A vintage clock table wood box, with an antique miniature phonograph inside a gilded birdcage. Two vintage ceramic doll hands look to be holding the birdcage. The background displays a book image glued to the inside of the box. The sculpture could be illuminated inside by a small light bulb.

This box, by the Colombian artist Haime Correa, usually encloses dreams and realities. A latent mystery circulates through them, uniting these two elements, so abstract in their philosophical conception as if they were one.

They are surrealist boxes that pretend to lamp with light inwards so that we can see them absorbed by those who are outside. A clear vocation of Magritte is clearly seen in the works.

'Phonographs, violins, transparent spheres and cages that enclose eggs, are some of the symbols that the artist uses to integrate his language, as beautifully aesthetic as deep thought.' Text by MARGARITA GALINDO STEFFENS

'Something playful, like a toy store, something theatrical, a small place where things happen, are: Jaime Correa's boxes an art invention or reinvestment of forms and themes: wood assembled with infinite parsimony, sometimes repeated in receptacles of old mechanical watches, where when we see them, it seems that their subjects of Correa's assembly will return life, the artificial life of dolls, violins, cages, spheres, and others that constitute the paraphernalia of the magical world of Correa, multifaceted, born in the Colombian Caribbean, from where that, his particular style and his special way of seeing art.' Text by Guillermo Enriquez Torrez.


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