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The artist is inspired by the relationships between the past and the present, creating works that function as archaeological finds. His pieces, which include floors and toys, reconstruct a historical material legacy, evoking the elaborate tiles of ancient Bogotá. His work allows the viewer to remember and become aware of the loss of cultural heritage, thus maintaining historical continuity.

Hypomnema Series

Hypomnema. A term that is composed of the ancient Greek preposition Hypo-Mneme and literally means “commemorative memory.” It is the meeting of several layers in an object, the memory, the game, and the dreaming that emerge from the inner experience, both personal and every day, transmitted in a direct way through the idea of a universal toy and is a recurring element. of the Persian rug that permeates everything - floors, toys, drawings - sensations that come from the past, giving the viewer the ability to remember as if we were prisoners of a dream.

Aprender a caminar y salir del pozo gravitacional Series

An everyday situation, from our memory, from the memory of childhood in a non-place, that is to say, an enigmatic ephemeral place, a space that is delimited and that grows, that multiplies throughout the world; They are linked to anonymity and independence because they apparently do not exist or mean anything, at least to those people who visit them provisionally; However, using objects that demarcate an unreal space, which is part of fantasy and often goes unnoticed, neither places nor non-places always exist in pure form, they are steps of the same ladder, parallel lines that magically reach intersect, they are opponents who attract and penetrate each other. The pattern plays the role of endlessly rewriting the intricate game of identity and relationship, the mix of cultures, and the rush of its visitors learning to walk and getting out of the gravitational well.

Posdata Series

Legado Invisible Series

Memoria Entre Líneas Series

Artist studio visit



Ivan Castiblanco



Starting from a reflection on the relationships between past and present, the work of the artist Ivan Castiblanco functions as an archaeological find, where floors and toys reconstruct a material legacy in history and remain in time, like the ornate tiles that were erected in the city of Bogotá of yesteryear. Castiblanco's work directly transmits news and sensations that come from the past to individuals, giving the viewer the ability to remember, in the face of awareness of the loss of cultural heritage. continuity.
The artist has a master's degree in plastic and visual arts from the Academia Superior de Artes de Bogotá (ASAB).

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