Award-winning photographer and director Juan Lamarca graduated as a film director from Universidad del Cine located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has lived and worked in Palm Beach and New York for the past 10 years when he started a full-time career dedicated to photography, films, and advertising. Although Juan has done and continues to do many commercials, lifestyle editorials, and fashion jobs; fine art and travel photography have always been his main focus. His latest photography series envisions a duality between harmonic beauty and power of both horses and oceans, through a unique point of view. The majority of Lamarca’s work is part of different private collections in the Hamptons, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and Miami. His work is available in different art galleries and Interior design stores in New York, The Hamptons, Miami, Palm Beach, and California.


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Ocean Series

Lamarca Ocean series is an intimate look at different places, capturing the feeling of the beach life and transporting the viewer around the world.


The horse portrait series is an abstract series of photographs of high-performance horses that captures the essence of the horses while concentrating primarily on the simplicity of the details.