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The Artist and urban architect Lucas Gallego is interested in the anthropic manifestations that take place in natural-looking environments; As if it were an archaeologist, he meticulously reviews populations, settlements, vegetation, and any vestige that allows him to understand the socio-cultural problems of the progressive impact of human activities.

He has exhibited in different galleries and the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá, said institution that awarded him a creation grant in 2019, ARTBO Weekend and the El Millón and Barcú art fairs, has been part of the Artecámara selection of artists In 2020, ArtBo New collectors in 2021, is the current winner of the Art / Nature artistic work recognition from the Ministry of Culture. His work has been part of research on Colombian photography such as PHOTOSYNTHESIS of the curator and researcher Santiago Rueda Fajardo.


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Light is a phenomenon of electromagnetic emission that manifests itself through waves whose length and frequency determine the visible spectrum, this is only a small part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that is between radio waves (long waves) and gamma rays (short waves); visible light for humans is between infrared light and ultraviolet light for which we are evolutionarily blind, and both these manifestations of invisible color, as well as those that are between them and make up the visible spectrum, are given by the difference between wavelengths.

Everything that we visually perceive is the product of the interaction between our limited vision, matter, and light; so that color is the way in which our eyes chemically perceive how energetic the light waves that carry it are, color belongs to our sight, it is a subjective and cultural experience; its intensity, balance, and harmony are devices that allow us to recognize what is “seen” and facilitate its understanding.

In "A luminous body" the artist offers a series of visual experiences based on the study of light and some physical phenomena related to our visual perception of its material body; light is between us, but only the collision between it and a given medium allows its own demonstration.

A luminous body