María José Arjona (b.1973 in Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia) lives and works in Miami. She was trained as a contemporary dancer before turning to performance art. She received her Master's degree in visual arts from the Superior Academy of Art in Bogotá. She also has been the artist-in-residence at the Watermill Center for Robert Wilson in New York.

Her recent performance exhibitions were included at the South Florida Art Center in Miami, the Miami Light Project, the Ballroom Marfa in Texas, and the Damien-B Contemporary Art Center in Miami. She also exhibited video performances at the Galleri Se in Bergen, Norway, and at the Museo de Barrio in New York.


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All the other in me

The body, in opposition to this language system and ironically living it, speaks through organs, plays with images, sounds, smells, textures, mixtures, everything reacts, absorbs and transpires ... For the 4th Marrakech Biennale, Arjona creates a very particular piece in her body of work as it is the first to directly allude to gender policies. Simulating a striptease in which she takes off clothes but does not undress, the artist examines the connotation of "femininity" and the wishes and desires of the public.