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Was born in Georgia (USA), brought up in Europe, and studied art at Yale University. Talent is an intrinsic part of her DNA, thanks to her father – the prestigious international artist of Slovenian origin, Bruno Zupan – and her beautiful mother, Jane. Natasha lives in Valldemossa in a stone house, with an eclectically decorated interior, which she purchased from the Swarovski family. After numerous exhibitions in Boston, California, Milan, Stockholm and New York – attracting celebrities like Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Claudia Schiffer – the artist has been featured in the Italian ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine and acted as muse for the famous fashion label Larusmiani, as well as being commissioned by Mattel to produce a painting about Barbie, to celebrate its 50th anniversary.


Born in Miami and trained in NYC. Peters worked with prestigious photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier, and shot editorials for Harper’s Bazaar, LIFE, Interview, Details, George, Vanity Fair and many more publications.


Upon returning to live in Miami Beach in 2012, Peters happened to revisit the Miami Marine Stadium, a landmark she had frequented as a child, Long abandoned. Jill Peters finds her inspiration in the quickly changing architectural landmarks of her youth, like the demolished Miami Herald building, an abandoned roller coaster or a neglected go-cart track. Shooting mostly from air, which allows her to find a new level of intrinsic beauty to otherwise overlooked structures, Peters has gone on to capture and document man’s wider imprint on nature. Whether it’s the graphic symmetry of urban architecture or the abstract choreography of the forms and hues of nature itself. Within this body of work, one can marvel at the worn wreckage of the past or the fragile resources of the present. 


David Jay was born in Oakland, CA and has spent most of his life between Australia, California and New York City. A fashion photographer for much of his career, his work has been featured in international editions of Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Style, Shape and countless others.


David Jay’s work has been exhibited and acquired by galleries and institutions around the world, including The Phillips Collection (Washington, DC), Museum of Contemporary Art (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Museum of Fine Art (Houston, TX), and the Library of Congress. In 2015, Jay was awarded the Lucie Award for Photographer of the Year for his series The Unknown Soldier.


Crossing between various disciplines, Valencia’s practice explores the transformative qualities of sacred spaces. Through the deconstruction of their visual-spatial elements, his work attempts to open a space of contemplation and meditation for the individual.

Born in Pereira, Colombia,1990. Lives and works in Miami, Florida. He attended Miami-Dade College and New World School of the Arts where he received a BFA in Painting. Valencia’s work has been exhibited in The Boca Raton Museum of Art; Little Haiti Cultural Center; Bridge Red Studios; Miami Biennale; The Cultural Conservancy, San Francisco, and most recently at the Cisneros-Fontanals Art Foundation in Miami, FL; the South Florida Art Center, MDC North Gallery, the Hollywood Art and Culture Center, Mindy Solomon Gallery, and FAENA Forum.



Frames that capture the transformation from the everyday life into another reality. Images that explore how the future will look. Colombian photographer Juan Pablo Castro presents a

proposal that comes from the contemporary, but goes beyond what would be expected.

His background as an industrial designer has made him interested in the little things in life that make a difference. 

With a fascination for color and shape, Castro translates his personal experiences into images that present characters, situations and stories, combining elements from the daily life under his distinctive perception, with a particular twist that makes each frame a piece of art. Industrial, eccentric, forward looking, Castro’s vision is a combination of different influences that are translated into deconstructed images.  


Brazilian born Visual Artist Magda von Hanau is no stranger to the camera, her successful modeling and television career in Europe set the stage for her true passion of fine art and photography. Magda creates rare visual poems that evoke a sense of magic.

Her signature style turns classical into contemporary while playing with both form and architecture. The artist's aesthetic hints to her own personality, bold, colorful and dramatic with an unmatched attention to detail. The timeless elegance within each image Magda creates, gives rise to a new kind of powerful visual storytelling.


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