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Discovering the Timeless Elegance of Horst P. Horst: "The Classics" 2021

Horst P. Horst - Classics

In the world of photography, the names of Horst P. Horst, Irving Penn, and Richard Avedon stand tall as pioneers of capturing the essence of beauty, timelessness, and creativity. Horst, in particular, left a lasting impact on the world of photography with his extraordinary 60 year career. His lens captured moments that graced the pages of renowned magazines like Vogue and House and Garden, making him a true leader in the field.

A Storied Journey through Time

Horst's journey as a photographer began in the early 1930s when he decided to relocate to the vibrant city of Paris, the epicenter of the creative avant-garde. It was in this artistic haven that he formed connections with iconic figures like Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, and Salvador Dali. These relationships would serve as a deep source of inspiration and collaboration, going beyond friendships.

Exploring Versatility

Horst loved doing many different kinds of art. Besides taking fancy pictures of high-end fashion in Paris before the war, he was also really good at painting people (Portraiture), doing nude studies, capturing the inside of rooms, and making art out of still objects (still-life photography). He got his ideas from the beautiful statues of ancient Greece and Rome, and from the weird and dreamy world of art discussions.

The Evolution of a Visionary

Horst's transformation from a classic black-and-white photographer into a maestro of color photography shows his dedication and innovation. His photographs didn't just capture spaces; they made viewers feel as if they were sitting in a cherished armchair within the frame, experiencing an uncommon intimacy.

The Exhibition - "The Classics" 2021

We are delighted to announce our latest online exhibition, "The Classics" 2021. This exhibit pays homage to the timeless artistry of Horst P. Horst. Through limited edition black and white photographs, we aim to transport you into the world he captured so brilliantly. 

The collection is a visual journey that immerses you in the magic of Horst's photography, showcasing the elegance, the creativity, and the profound beauty he conveyed through his lens.

Timeless Elegance in Black and White

Step into the past with Horst's black and white masterpieces. His photographs show the charm of monochromatic photography. The play of light and shadow, the exquisite details, and the sheer timelessness of these images will leave you mesmerized.

 A Beautiful Mix of Emotions in Color

Witness the evolution of Horst as he embraced color. His mastery in capturing a wide spectrum of emotions through color photography is nothing short of breathtaking. From vibrant reds to tranquil blues, each color is a brushstroke on his canvas of emotions.

The Art of Immersion

Horst's unique perspective in photography is a hallmark of his work. Experience the art of immersion as you step into the frames, feeling the warmth of the rooms and the intimacy of the scenes. It's as if you are an invisible guest in his world.

Power of Innovation

Horst P. Horst's legacy shows the power of creativity, innovation, and artistry in photography. "The Classics" 2021 exhibition is an invitation to delve into the timelessness of his work and to see the world through his lens. We encourage you to explore this visual journey, to be inspired, and to share in the profound beauty captured by Horst's camera. 

Join us in celebrating the artist and the art that continues to go beyond time and space. Experience "The Classics" 2021 and let the magic of Horst P. Horst's photography transports you to another era, where elegance and creativity are at their best.

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