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Exploring the DREAMS Exhibition: A Showcase of Artistic Passion

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Dreams Art Exhibit

Art has the power to break through limits and connect people, evoke emotions, and tell stories that words alone cannot convey. The online exhibition, "DREAMS," is a testament to this transformative ability of art. Featuring the works of five exceptional artists - Celso Castro, Magola Moreno, Tahuanty Jacanamijoy, Carolina Borrero, and Juan C. Estrada - this collection offers a glimpse into the unique worlds they create through their craft.

Celso Castro: Bridging Mediums

Celso Castro's creations are a fusion of photomontage assemblies and watercolor paintings. Each piece has the unmistakable imprint of the artist's hand, whether it's the careful deconstruction of portrait photographs or the passionate recreation of past encounters with paint and ink. This difference shows the strong feelings and deep thinking that shaped Castro's way of portraying men.

A Glimpse into Identity

Born in Valledupar, Colombia, Celso Castro's art shows where he comes from and how he's grown as an artist. With a BFA from the Pratt Institute, his art has resonated in exhibitions across Latin America and the U.S.

Magola Moreno: Painting the Stories of Pueblo Bello Cesar

Magola Moreno found her special place in the Sierra Nevada mountains. She used to work in advertising, but she left that job to find peace in the mountains. There, she's inspired by traditions and beautiful sea views. Her paintings focus on characters that are often ignored, filled with vibrant colors and deep ideas.

A Palette of Beauty

At 52, her work is a celebration of characters that challenge conventional portrayals. Her pieces are vibrant tapestries of color and life, offering viewers a glimpse into worlds that resonate with beauty.

Tahuanty Jacanamijoy: Bridging Worlds through Art

Tahuanty Jacanamijoy's work is a reflection of his journey into the origins of daily practices, celestial events, and fictional narratives. Rooted in his multi-faceted heritage, he gets ideas from special plants, like Yagé, and shows who he is through colorful pictures. His art tells stories that stand for the traditions of the Inga, Wayuu, and Arhuaca peoples, blending them with the busy life of cities in Colombia.

A Personal Odyssey

Since 2014, Tahuanty has exhibited his unique perspective. His masterful command of animation, honed at the Royal College of Art, London, adds a layer of depth and movement to his visual storytelling.

Carolina Borrero: Deconstructing Nature's Narrative

Carolina Borrero's art is a study of the symbiotic relationships between humans, nature, and the environment. Her exploration delves into the consequences of these interactions, unveiling the transformative power inherent in every action.

A Laboratory of Change

In her art, she carefully studies changes and marks left behind in ordinary things. Wood turns into detailed drawings, plants come back to life with her touch, and lifeless materials become rich soil. Her art shows how everything in nature and society is connected.

Juan C. Estrada: Where Realism Meets Surrealism

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Juan Carlos Estrada-Duran's artistic journey is one of self-discovery and passion. With no formal training, he honed his skills through an innate connection to his environment and a love for comic books.

Monochrome Magic

Juan Carlos' preferred medium is pencil and paper, and his drawings, often in black and white with touches of gold, exude a unique blend of realism and surrealism. His art captures moments frozen in time, inviting viewers to contemplate the interplay of light, shadow, and emotion.

A Tapestry of Artistic Brilliance

The "DREAMS" exhibition brings together these five artists, each with their distinctive style and narrative. Through their work, we are invited to embark on a visual journey that transcends boundaries and invites introspection.

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