Through the multiplicity of paintings and materials that gather in the series "Horror Vacui II", Armando de la Garza makes us sharers in his autobiographical dissolution in which the body (real and symbolic) suffers its own "small death in parts", a dismemberment in which the symbol religious, dying body and animal remains collapse with ironic personal fetishes and high-fashion accessories in a game where the funny has fun with death. An autobiographical dissolution that although it seemed fundamental in the uniqueness of this exhibition, actually comes through different works of the artist in which constant autobiographical elements have managed to form a forceful personal narrative.

12 works from ''Horror Vacui II'' series, 2017


Armando de la Garza    

12 works from ''Horror Vacui II'' series, 2017

Cotton Canvas, Oil, Masonite, Cardboard.


Dimensions: 40 H x 60 W in.

One of a Kind


Signed on verso by the artist

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