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Showing a body that is hidden is the aesthetic apology for the insane judgment that the artist himself has taken as an excuse for not being "pointed at" or rather as self-pointing. The stone is taken by the body that is unprotected as a metaphor for the weakness that seeks protection, and the body is taken by the stone as a consequence of an insecure state, how can a stone take a body? If this is the one that "institutionally" does it.

#15, La Piedra Sustituta Series, 2020

  • Jose Sierra

    #15, 2020

    From "La Piedra Sustituta" Series

    Archival Pigment Print

    Limited Edition 



  • Jose Sierra  (b. 1991 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia) obtained his Master in Fine Arts from the University Institute of Fine Arts and Science of Bolivar (UNIVAC) in 2012 with a body of work titled Anti-Personnel Grids, which has since exhibited in different locales of Colo