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Showing a body that is hidden is the aesthetic apology for the insane judgment that the artist himself has taken as an excuse for not being "pointed at" or rather as self-pointing. The stone is taken by the body that is unprotected as a metaphor for the weakness that seeks protection, and the body is taken by the stone as a consequence of an insecure state, how can a stone take a body? If this is the one that "institutionally" does it.

#15, La Piedra Sustituta Series, 2020

  • Jose Sierra

    #15, 2020

    From "La Piedra Sustituta" Series

    Archival Pigment Print

    Limited Edition 



  • Jose Sierra  (b. 1991 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia) obtained his Master in Fine Arts from the University Institute of Fine Arts and Science of Bolivar (UNIVAC) in 2012 with a body of work titled Anti-Personnel Grids, which has since exhibited in different locales of Colombia. Shortly after, he was commissioned by the Colombian Ministry of Culture alongside the artist collective Si Nos Pagan Boys to participate in an urban art exposition titled, La Muerte Se Va de Vacaciones (Death is Going on Vacation) that was executed as a reaction to the traditionalism of Cartagena. In 2014, he exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Cartagena and in La Presentacion Casa Museo Arte y Cultura. He then exhibited in the Cultural Center Ciudad Movil in 2016 with a body of work created in collaboration with the Colombian photographer, Camo.  In the same year, he was nominated for the International Luxembourg Art Prize for his recent work Self-Portrait.