Her poetic porcelain plates examine and re-imagine the history of art in a way that values women, not only in body, but in wholeness, power, and love. Focusing on the narrative qualities of art-making, Hodge weaves stories into the clay which are both personal and universal.

Carved Porcelain Plates, Set 2019

  • Alex Hodge

    Carved Porcelain Plates, Set, 2019

    Room in a Room, Lock, and Key, Chin Up, Protective Linings, Bamboo Backbone Woman, Stairway to Nowhere Girl, Supporting Perspective, Madame Monarch, Flight Risk, Snake Got your Tongue, Falling Backwards, Earnest Eve

    Hand-Crafted Ceramic, Hand-Carved Clay

    Carved Porcelain Plates



    Overall size: 44.5 H x 44 W x 5 D in.

    Set of 12

    One of a Kind.


    Each piece can be sold separately


  •  Alex Hodge was always drawn to the arts and regularly channeled her creativity as a child whether in watercolor classes or scrapbooking with her mother. Hodge focuses on prioritizing women’s narratives in all aspects of her work. Through the decorative and symbolic details, she hints at narratives without completing them to invite the viewer to participate in creating meaning. The women she invents exist in the present but is of the imagined future in which we all have room to flourish, to tell our stories, to give and receive love, and to express the beauty and pain of the human condition. Fundamentally, her artworks are a celebration of the tenacity and vulnerability of women and clay, an interplay of history and hope.