Natasha Zupan beautifully unites the old and new. A Yale-educated, internationally renowned artist, combines the innovation of her highly crafted technique with her wonder for tradition and the great Masters. Her artwork is about the juxtaposition of emotion in time and the confrontation between traditional representation and contemporary subjectivities. This body of work explores the manipulation of surface texture, light and the interweaving of time, time past, and time future are united in a perpetual possibility of change. She tries to capture these resonances of evolution in various types of representation. It is not about translating a world that already exists, but about an entrance into a different universe. A timeless, tactile world of sensation and overlapping memory.

Natasha shows annually throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States, including multiple exhibitions at the Columbus Museum of Art, Georgia.

Quantum Color #42, 2019


Natasha Zupan

Quantum Color #42, 2019

Painting paper hand sewing to a stretched canvas


Dimensions: 51 H x 72 W in

One of a Kind

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