"Amongst the vast array of interiors and portraits done by Horst P. Horst during the Around That Time years, the most striking example of this oeuvre, is the brilliantly executed, Cy and Tatiana Twombly, Rome, 1966, portfolio. The images represent a coming together of photographer, subject and home that is uniquely brilliant."

Cy Twombly in Rome 1966 - Untitled #28, 1966 (Small size)


Horst P. Horst

Cy Twombly in Rome 1966 - Untitled #28, 1986

Archival Pigment Print


Image size: 23.6 in. H x 23.6 in. W

Sheet size: 29.5 in. H x 29.5 in. W
Edition of 9



Image size: 31.5 in. H x 31.5 in. W
Sheet size: 39.4 in. H x 39.4 in. W
Edition of 5 

Image size: 50 in. H x 50 in. W
Sheet size: 50 in. H x 50 in. W
Edition of 3 

Extra Large
Image size: 59.4 in. H x 59.4 in. W
Sheet size: 59.4 in. H x 59.4 in. W
Edition of 2

Limited editions / Printed under the supervision of the Horst Estate / Courtesy of Condé Nast.

This image is part of the Marella Agnelli portfolio and is sold individually in 4 limited edition dimensions.

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