On a stone-slab table, a miniature scale model of the Parthenon. Cy Twombly had a passion for Greek and Roman history and mythology. His constant rearrangement of the contents of the apartment is in itself the expression of an almost chronic désoeuvrement that might be as fatal as Oblomov's if it were not that he actually finds his eventual inspiration in the seeming alternatives to work: reading, travelling, or simply walking in Rome. "Amongst the vast array of interiors and portraits done by Horst P. Horst during the Around That Time years, the most striking example of this oeuvre, is the brilliantly executed, Cy and Tatiana Twombly, Rome, 1966, portfolio. The images represent a coming together of photographer, subject and home that is uniquely brilliant."

Cy Twombly in Rome - Untitled #7, 1966 (Small size)


Horst P. Horst

Cy Twombly in Rome - Untitled #7, 1966 

Archival Pigment Print



Image size: 23.6 x 23.6 inches

Sheet size: 29.5 x 29.5 inches

Edition of 9




Image size: 31.5 in. H x 31.5 in. W

Sheet size: 39.4 in. H x 39.4 in. W

Edition of 5


Image size: 50 in. H x 50 in. W

Sheet size: 50 in. H x 50 in. W

Edition of 3

Extra Large

Image size: 59.4 in. H x 59.4 in. W

Sheet size: 59.4 in. H x 59.4 in. W

Edition of 2

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