Celso Castro’s work is a bare-bulb erotic photo foray into the underbelly of Colombia’s drug world. Castro’s labor-intensive, photo-collage works of drug kingpins, smugglers, hit men, countrymen, street vendors, soldiers, paramilitaries, kidnappers, and pimps pose showing with pride their erect penises to the voyeuristic viewer. They look back at us with a shameless stare. They play the game that moves between vanity and seduction. This is a frame, one of a kind, color photography collage of a Colombian paramilitar .

El Mono, 2002


Celso José Castro Daza

El Mono, 2002

 From Guerreros Series

Archival paper & Photographic paper



Sheet Size: 26 H x 20 W in.

Framed: 38 H x 33 W in. 

One of a Kind


Photography Collage

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