Natasha Zupan’s work juxtaposes emotion, reflection, shadows, light, time, images and abstractions in a confrontation between traditional representation and contemporary subjectivities. She manipulates and interweaves concepts of time. Time, past and future are united in a perpetual possibility of change. Her work captures the resonances, and the echoes and reflection of conflict and evolution. Zupan’s work is not about translating a world that already exists. It is about an entrance to a different universe.

Eternal Recurrence #27 (Diptych), 2015


Natasha Zupan

Eternal Recurrence #27 (Diptych), 2015

One of a Kind Photo Collage Accompanied by It's Enlarged Photograph


Enlarged Photograph

Archival pigment 

Dimensions: 60 H x 53.5 W in.

Edition of 5



Dimensions: 12 H x 9 W in.

One of a Kind

Signed lower right on recto by the artist and numbered on verso.

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