Art is a way of living. For Carlos Alejandro, art is the art of the everyday. He explores the diversity of common man-made objects, reassembling them and creating new things, things that express a new idea. He uses the Dada concept to elevate everyday banal objects, transforming them into works of art with the intention of questioning and renewing the foundation of our beliefs.

Feed My Sheep, 2016

  • Carlos Alejandro

    Feed My Sheep, 2016

    Mixed Media on Wood


    Dimensions: 27 H x 27 DM in.

    One of a kind 



  • In his work, Carlos Alejandro uses a vast array of non-conventional materials such as: pills, hair, bottle caps, chop sticks, etc. He takes common objects out of their context and using different techniques, he transforms them into art pieces, resulting in an interesting eclectic fusion that shows a strong influence of the Dada movement in his work. 
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