Glass hand-painted and enamels. This mirror composition is the result of an ultra-white low iron 8 mm float glass kill formed and completely gilded with a high title ( 999.9 ) pure gold metallic luster.


Compositions with different shapes, sizes, and custom colors are available Metallic luster available in:         

Gold ·         

Black ·         

Platinum ·         


Copper All sizes available up to 1050 x 2150 mm (be careful about the weight)


GOCCIA, 2019

  • Monica Madotto

    GOCCIA, 2019

    Freeform custom handmade with gold luster

    Hand-PaintedGold, Hand-CraftedCeramic, Hand CraftedEnamel, StainedGlass, Hand-PaintedStained Glass


    Dimensions: 42.52 H x  16.54 W x  0.79 D in. 

    One of Kind.