This vessel is one of the first from the series of pots Unsung Muses and prioritizes the narrative of Hatshepsut, as she was perhaps the most successful female pharaoh of Egypt. She brought prosperity and peace to Egypt through her work to improve infrastructure and trade routes. Her success was so great that her male successors attempted to erase her from history by literally chiseling her image off the walls and attempting to destroy all statues of her. By honoring her existence in this large vessel, I center the narrative of women’s power and capabilities. All the symbols and pattern surrounding her portrait were taken from Egyptian art and hieroglyphs. The quote is my own writing and reads: They will not give you power. They sense it in your bones. You must demand it; take it from them.

History Lesson: Power Is Always Taken, 2014


Alex Hodge

History Lesson: Power Is Always Taken, 2014

Hand-built and carved porcelain vase


Dimensions: 36 H x 22 W x 10 D in.

Weight: 30 lbs

One of a Kind. 

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