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Intimate, 2006 Sculpture

  • Sara Modiano

    Intimate, 2006

    Mixed media


    Dimensions: 27 H x 24 W x 4 D in.



    This piece is a mixed-media,  sculpture from the renowned artist the late Sara Modiano.

    A three-dimensional freestanding sculpture

  • Sara Modiano (1951-2010) – An accomplished Colombian-born artist, she demonstrated her professional acumen as a conceptual artist with an impressive forty year career of numerous exhibitions and excellent critical reviews. Modiano established her reputation in the fields of Painting, Installation, Sculpture and Performance Art. Modiano created a body of work which is part of Colombia’s national patrimony. Her work has been displayed in solo shows and group exhibitions in noteworthy galleries and museums around the world, including France, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Hungary, Australia and the United States. She received numerous awards and prizes for her work and represented her country of Colombia at Biennale exhibitions in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Australia. Modiano’s insights on simplicity as a fundamental factor in the essence of the human being and as a vital condition of existence are of great importance. The art world agrees that her qualities as an artist and her teachings as a person are a legacy that have much to contribute to generations to come.