Photography helps Kevin Krag  to freeze in time he's one of a kind sculptures capturing  the spiritual dimension, the vulnerability and mortality of his ephemeral pieces. Using ethically sourced archival photography cotton paper integrating another organic and sensual piece to the puzzle, standing the test of time and having the least possible adverse impact on the environment.


Hoping for an answer to their prayers, Hindu Indians sacrifice their hair to God. Krag performs a similar ritual sacrifice to spiritually and literally fuse himself with the work. He worked for two years in this piece that uses his own hair. He uses hair to reference fragments of self: he is part of the piece and the piece is himself. It’s the ultimate ode to the artist’s essence, to his sensuality. Krag loves the response hair elicits in the viewer who is attracted or repulse almost simultaneously to the presence of hair in his pieces. He is alluding to the glam rock fashion culture with big tousled hair, gender bender outfits, outrageous makeup, signature guitar riffs, and distressed denims.


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Long live the king, 2019

  • Kevin Krag

    Long live the king, 2019

    Archival Pigment

    Limited Edition



  • Kevin Krag grew up surrounded by music, having a father in the music business, and an uncle musician. From a very young age, he displayed a strong predilection for music and soon became a passionate guitar player and an avid collector of the instrument. In 2012, he moved to Miami, where he developed a practice that incorporates the activities of an artist, a musician, a fetishist, and a scientist. Working across different media, his productions incorporate nature in a controlled and ritualistic manner, often focusing on life and death, sound and silence, feminine and masculine. For Krag, a guitar is a tool to create an encounter with nature, to spark a dialogue about beauty, to reveal the rapture of a silent music score. Pushing physical limits with the works —by adhering paint or plants or submerging guitars underwater — is part of a personal process that rushes spiritual and emotional limits to discover his sense of self.

    Born in 1984, Kevin Krag graduated in Business Administration in his native city Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is based in Miami, where he has worked extensively and developed his identity as an artist and musician.


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