"Manifesto" by Brazilian photographer Guilherme Licurgo, curated by Ian Duarte Lucas. Composed of fifteen unpublished works, created in 2018, this is his most political content production ever presented. As a result of his cultivated critical eye, the photographer sheds light on the historical exclusion of the Brazilian population in decision-making processes in the country.

Dramatically plunged into an endless political and economic crisis, Brazil finds itself in a chaotic situation. In this context, Guilherme Licurgo's new series gains even more relevance with the proximity of the presidential elections, taking as its starting point the widespread sense of absence of dialogue between the citizens and government, even more sensitive in this period. In the photographer's words: “'Manifesto' is the dialectic between the individual and the collective. A representation of thoughts based on the maxims of great references in Sociology and Philosophy that unfold around me, here and now. ”

Manifesto IV, 2018