Marella Agnelli is the super chic wife of the famous and definitely one of the most important and beloved men of Italy: Gianni Agnelli – (the heir owner of Fiat and later on Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Jeep) poses in a Valentino dress in her Villa Perosa, near Turin, Italy. Which is not only known for its architectural and interior beauty but also for its worldly famous gardens. Marella is synonymous of style not only in Italy but very much internationally. She kept one hairstyle her whole life, in her case, short but who wouldn't? Look at that neck, and then look at that pose.

Marella Agnelli in a Valentino Dress at Villar Perosa, 1967 (Small size)


Horst P. Horst

Marella Agnelli in a Valentino Dress at Villar Perosa, 1967 

Archival pigment print 



Image size: 23.6 in. H x 23.6 in. W

Sheet size: 29.5 in. H x 29.5 in. W

Edition of 9




mage Size: 59.4 in. H x 59.4 in. W

Edition of 2


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