This photographic work is a reinterpretation of one of the most significant elements from the performative pieces of the artist Maria Jose Arjona. In collaboration with Jorge Duque ( designer) and Sonia ( art director), each photo is staged in which the body of the artist is driven to different situations that take the spectator to an imaginative world, sometimes weird and always provocative.

Mnemosyne Series (Triptych), 2018

  • Elizabeth (Lisa) Palomino

    Mnemosyne Series, (Triptych), 2018

    From the series Mnemosyne

    Archival Pigment Print



    Individual size: 60 H x 40 W in.

    Overal size: 60 H x 120 W in. 

    Edition of 3 + 1AP


    One Size

  • Lisa Palomino has worked in different fields such as theatre, still photography, movies, advertising and fashion. Her most outstanding pieces show a clear sense of aesthetics and a keen sensibility to compose dramatic images. In early 2011 as part of the design project ZONA D, Lisa was invited as the main photographer to take part in a large scale exhibition in Bogota's El Monumento a Los Héroes - an iconic site that honors the heroes of Colombian independence. She has also exhibited in FotoMuseum, Colombia’s National Museum of Photography.