‘While you are sleeping’ (Seascape series) In his seascape works, he reconfigures his imagery connected to the constant tensions between the mental grasp of the specificity and representation. He starts taking his pictures above sea level and contextualizes the scenes and brings out a new kind of perception. His use of digital manipulations and traditional photography has unexpected effects. Now here to now here(2009), an image taken in Bosporus, Istanbul, is a great example for duality of time, perception and space. It evokes infinity, by being nostalgic and futuristic at the same time. At first glance, the viewer may not be suspicious of the situation but upon closer inspection, questions arises; if this is a night time shot, how come the ships in motion looks so sharp as if they are from a frozen movie still. (It is a basic technical knowledge that night time photography needs long exposures.) The other side of duality comes out when we look at the full moon in the sky. The moon is in transit and clearly gives a hint that that the world or in this case another planet turns in its own axis. We are not talking about a technical skill but a great concept of representing the duality of time, space and perception. If there is a conclusion to this work, we can say he clearly plays with our sense of time and perception in this undefined space. The work also creates a transformation of the natural world into an almost hallucinatory alternate reality. By reversing the color spectrum in(Now here to now here, Disappearance, Destiny) the subjects becomes simultaneously otherworldly and wholly familiar at the same time. Red blast(2009), the viewer is again left to their own interpretation. A blast in the middle of the sea and red clouds or smoke surrounding the whole scene evokes a post apocalyptic scene. Can this be a scene of a war, a celebration or a navy practice? Beyond simply demonstrating the unreliability of photography as a documentation medium, Sukan shows us that a picture is never just the sum of its parts. By reconstructing these environments from one portion to another, Sukan raises some of the most elemental questions about the world we live.

Out of the Red, 2009


Arslan Sükan

Out of the Red, 2009

From the series of While You Are Sleeping

Inkjet print on fine art paper

Dimensions: 41.34 H x 52.37 W in

Edition of 3 + 1AP


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