After accepting the beauty norms for so long, it is time for her to peal the skin that dressed by people.


His unique collages target inner Arte Erotica human consciousness, using a  visual medium. The purpose is to trigger and take a voyage to sexual stigmata of individuals by incorporating the sport aspect of erotisms.


Rebirt of Venus, 2018

  • Alen Opsar

    Rebirt of Venus, 2018

    From The Series Of Arte Erotica

    Archival pigment print

    Limited Edition.

  • Alen Opsar, is a Turkish, Anatolian Armenian, artist and art director based in the  US. His work is inspired by the famous French-Cuban novelist Anais Nin’s erotic stories, that includes pedophilia, homosexuality, incest and many more sexual taboos in society. 



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