Baron's works of art are the result of the artist's approach to the image where he spreads his creativity, His exploration in the art world dates back to 1999, where he began to explore with photography and drafting. Always approaching the image from the figures, in a constant search for formats and materials, without varying from its corpus of shapes, colors and stories, exposing a theatricality with symbolic and aesthetic details. To view the work of Baron is to see where his eyes are going: a deep, historical and unclear universe, with fantastic accents based on the deepest realities, with an intent that exceeds even the technique itself. Technique: Mixed media acrylic on canvas, oil, gold foil and golden thread embroidery.

Serenade, 2019


Rafael Barón

Serenade, 2019

Acrylic on Canvas with Gold Foil


Dimensions: 39.38  H x 78.75 W in

One of a kind


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