TooLess 3D versions of the photographs of the TooLess series create a miss perception of the human brain. The first layer of the photo texture is formed by very small black and white copies of the same photo and when they all come together it makes the color version of the same photo. The photo names indicate the number of small photos in each panel. There is a difference in the detail and the perception of the different photographs from the distance they are viewed. Normally the human eye focuses on the first layer so the viewer can not recognize all the detail in the whole photo when close to it. You can appreciate the body of the model in all its detail when you are around 5 meters away. These exhibited series of photographs, 3 editions in each in 3D (3 or 4 Layer) are produced with a special backlighting and a wooden frame. The other 3 editions are produced using a C-Print & museum plexiglass sandwich which is mounted on an aluminum composite panel.

TooLess 5700, 3D Version, 2018