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Rafael Barón Herazo was born in Sahagún, Córdoba, in 1979. He is an anthropologist and training Bacteriologist who has always wanted to express himself artistically. His most formal creations date from 1999, first from photography, through drawing and then installed in creations with pictorial techniques such as oil, acrylic, and collage.

As a creator he approaches the image from the concrete figure, always in a constant search and experimentation, without moving away from his corpus of forms and colors, thus exposing in the canvas a theatricality recreated with symbolic and aesthetic forms that willingly and intentionally intend to they manage to transmit.

His first exhibitions are made within the framework of university classrooms, consisting of photographs and paintings; but at the same time, from his anthropological work, he also makes public interventions with murals, as well as the transmission of traditional knowledge related to art. El Heraldo.


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