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Rosario Briones artist



Buenos Aires, 1974. Rosario Briones is an artist and art teacher. Graduated from the Prilidiano Pueyrredón National School of Fine Arts in 2002. She took post graduate seminars at the Ernesto de la Cárcova Higher School of Fine Arts. She has also attended numerous art workshops.

In her work, the path of his body becomes shapes, and the shapes, an indication of the artistic process, of the material choreography directed by the emotion of the body, where it hides and an experience of intimate order is glimpsed.

The fluidity of her paintings finds no structure. Exploring the same procedure in different supports such as papers and fabrics. The artist is interested in the infinite possibilities that offer her the material, its porosities, weaves, thicknesses and different capacities of absorption, they return images that are not in her head. Signed for a game of tensions, a fight between forces, given by the accumulations of pigment, the transparencies, the forms and their search for balance. Sometimes controlled and other times more chance, they become a record of a living materiality.  She is part of the Grupo Charco collective, an artistic research group made up of seven artists who together develop collective and individual actions


Natural Flow Series

Flow is the ability of liquids to continually move from one place to another. Also, It means accepting each situation as it is. The movement of the liquid comes from life, it is natural. His path is genuine, authentic, determined. Water is the main flowing element, It circulates and takes the shape it needs. It expands without limits, in total freedom. The artist feels that the same thing happens with her way of working. The material is alive, it forces her to adapt to it and, together with their creativity, converge, unite in a common place. Then the work accepts what it is. A hypnotic movement. A permanent surprise.

Liquid Life Series

About transformation, the speed with which things change and the ability to adapt from the material to its medium. As Zygmunt Bauman describes, liquid life does not maintain its same form, it changes, it does not have a contained form but everything seems to mix.

White Series

In this series the artist represent the force of white that invades with its free forms, strongly over the structure of black. White is the absolute color, the purest, the most perfect, the most luminous. It speaks of innocence and perfection. It springs from the darkness, the mystery and the seriousness of black. This strong contrast of white on black symbolizes light and shadows, like a fight of those two opposing forces that repel and at the same time attract each other, forming a very strong communion between the two. As if they both needed each other to give him
place to the other.


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