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salvatore arnone artist


Italian artist Salvatore Arnone lives and works in Paris since 2014. After a debut of career as an engineer, he moved into jewelry design and worked for different brands around the world for almost 10 years. Despite this immersion in the creative field, at some point he felt the need to dedicate himself solely to photography and focus on his own vision. 
In 2010 he got published for the first time on Vanity Fair Italia and over the years his work has been displayed on several magazines and exhibitions all over the world. From the age of 25, he began to experience progressive hearing loss due to genetic cellular degeneration that forced him to use hearing aids. The lack of one sense deeply affected his perception of the world around him and his social relationships pushing him to a slow but constant process of self isolation that is well visible in all his production.
His images mostly gravitate around the research of a personal idea of beauty that often melts into sadness and silence, of harmony into the chaos, of balance within the imperfection that represent the leitmotif of all his body of work. The author is currently focusing only on his personal work also experimenting different media other than photography.


ONE Series

Despite photography remains his main form of expression, the author starts seeing some limits in this media to properly describe his altered and often dreamy vision of reality. In this series photography mixes with several other techniques (pastels, acrylic, pencil…) to represent the duality of objective/subjective, real and imaginary.

The Balance Series

With Balance the artist starts exploring more deeply the boundaries of the photographic media by mixing it with different techniques on a very traditional subject (classic sculptures). Pictures come from the collections of the Archeologic Museum of Naples and the Louvre in Paris.

Immaculate Series

Immaculate closes the body of work started with Paranoia. This series is made of a single image (‘Egg’) that represents the bubble the author lives in, isolated from the external world.

Labyrinth Series

Labyrinth continues the exploration started in the previous two series (Paranoia and Lullaby). Differently from the first two chapters, all the images of this series were created and post produced in 2020 and start showing the interest of the author to experiment different media in combination with photography to better express his altered perception of the world around him.

Lullaby Series

Lullaby is the second chapter of a larger body of work that pushes further the themes and ideas explored in the series Paranoia. Again this collection of images was arranged ‘a posteriori’ with pictures shot over a range of 7 years stressing the constant interest of the author for the same recurring topics.

Paranoia Series

Paranoia is the first chapter of a larger body of work that explores some of the recurring themes of the artist’s production as disenchantment, melancholy and his own personal idea of beauty. Shots were collected between 2014 and 2021 in different occasions while working at his fashion editorials or traveling around the world and arranged (and often edited and post produced) only a few years later.