Sebastián Palomo Danko believes that photography, as an art form, is what is transmitted. His artworks never try to tell the viewer what they should feel. They are only giving them something to think about and what the heart commands. Each piece represents that there are no rules, only feelings. It is up to the audience to imagine the story behind the image.

Exhibition History:
2017 - Permanent Exhibition: “Queiles”, Madrid, Spain
2017 – “Tome y Lucas”, Madrid, Spain
2017 – Permanent Exhibition: “La Tasca Suprema”, Madrid, Spain
2016 – Art fair Ibertoro, Caceres, Spain
2016 – Museum of the Coria Jail, Caceres, Spain
2015 – Hotel Rio, Badajoz, Spain
2015 - “Discovering San Isidro” Las Ventas, Madrid, Spain



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