Casey Waterman’s “Origins” works on paper is the result of combining ideas from two separate projects that have shown themselves to be in direct relation to each other.

The first project began around a curiosity regarding the role of words in the creation and development of human cognition, and later led to an examination of the typographical relationship between space, distance and emotion.

The second project is a summation of ideas resulting from questions that seem to insinuate the importance of origins in relation to artistic creation and the search for meaning.

Was born and raised in a small rural town in New Hampshire. With over a decade of culminated work, his process and curiosity are mostly self-taught and induced. His work can include a wide range of materials and mediums but is based primarily on the creation of a cut image from a photograph, drawing, or other form of creation of a cut image from a photograph, drawing, or other form of visual media. In the removal of parts of the image he is interested in the tension between what is there and what is left out, why those choices are made and not what they say, but where they lead. 

Evolution combines the works of artists who use paper as a medium to emphasize the traditional aspect of the materials they use.

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Photographs and Works on paper 

Casey Waterman- Hunter&Gatti- JC Estrada Duran
April - May 2016

4385 Collins Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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“I will make you a star” reflects Hunter & Gatti’s desire to bring together photography and painting in one format. The artists were inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat’s neo-expressionist paintings, and more particularly by a specific incident in his career: the moment that art dealer Rene Ricard spotted Basquiat’s work at a party and promised him that he would make him a star. When Basquiat’s work started to become famous, the art world was living a very special moment. New York’s art scene was overflowing with charismatic people, and having a strong public persona was a major influence in the way one’s work was being perceived. Despite the fact that Basquiat’s art was undoubtedly unique, his image, his aesthetic and his personality contributed the most to his success. Hunter & Gatti wanted to pay tribute to Basquiat’s legacy by merging the celebrity portraits they had made in the past for fashion editorials and campaigns, featuring the most iconoclastic members of today’s fashion scene, with Basquiat’s paintings that transcend the limits of the art world and form part of our collective unconsciousness – just like the famous faces of their photos. Their idea was to create a series of original hybrids that explore the limits of popular culture, reflecting, at the same time, fashion’s on-going interest in the art world.


Works on paper


Estrada-Duran combines realism and surrealism in his work. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Juan Carlos moved to Miami in 2012 and has been studying art since. With no background in the art industry, Juan Carlos is what you would call a self-taught artist. Juan Carlos trained himself to draw by using comic books and the environment as a point of reference and inspiration. He prefers to use pencil and paper as his medium and loves to sketch black and white drawings some of them with gold accents.. At the moment, Juan Carlos is working at the Soho Beach House and on obtaining his Associates Degree in Arts and majoring in Drawing.

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