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Drawings by

Philip Michael Wolfson



Photographs by

Jill Peters



Photographs by

Hunter & Gatti


Summer show 

June-July-August 2016



4385 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

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Born in Miami and trained in NYC. Peters worked with prestigious photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier, and shot editorials for Harper’s Bazaar, LIFE, Interview, Details, George, Vanity Fair and many more publications.


Upon returning to live in Miami Beach in 2012, Peters happened to revisit the Miami Marine Stadium, a landmark she had frequented as a child, Long abandoned. Jill Peters finds her inspiration in the quickly changing architectural landmarks of her youth, like the demolished Miami Herald building, an abandoned roller coaster or a neglected go-cart track. Shooting mostly from air, which allows her to find a new level of intrinsic beauty to otherwise overlooked structures, Peters has gone on to capture and document man’s wider imprint on nature. Whether it’s the graphic symmetry of urban architecture or the abstract choreography of the forms and hues of nature itself. Within this body of work, one can marvel at the worn wreckage of the past or the fragile resources of the present. 




Is creative duo, based in New York with office in Barcelona too and formed by Cristian Hunter and Martin Gatti. They have known each other for more than a decade working together as art directors for some of the most prestigious advertising agencies creating successful interactive online campaigns for fashion brands such as Burberry. After creating their own advertising agency dedicated exclusively to the fashion industry, they decided to give the jump to the world of photography, managing to consolidate a new step in their career by working with companies such as Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, Massimo Dutti, Carolina Herrera or Guess by Marciano and magazines likeVogue, Esquire, Marieclaire or Flaunt.

Hunter and Gatti also manages the fashion on-line magazine “” specialize linking fashion with art with exclusive collaborations with some of the main designers, stylists and creative of the fashion world.

As multidisciplinary creators and without leaving the world of the fashion, their latest work has turned them into plastic artists claiming the durability of fashion photography and interest in retrofitting the concepts that surround these in a series of pictorial works realized on their photos printed on linens of big format, creating the only works with special character presented in some exhibitions.


For the second volume of our Gods & Goddesses special, Hunter & Gatti decided to explore the multiple facets of inspiration and to pay tribute to the ancient Greek conception of the Muses, the anthropomorphic goddesses that represented the immensity of the omnipotent divine knowledge and had the power to induce creativity and trigger the imagination of the artist, the writer or the scientist. A recent image from their photo shoot at the iconic residence of James Goldstein for our Goldstein issue, depicting the otherworldly beauty of Leanna Decker seconds before being elegantly devoured by a bunch of beauty-addicted vampires, served as their main inspiration.


Leanna’s naked body stood as a metaphor for the artistic process, which sometimes devours the artist in the same way an animal devours its victim, representing at the same time the ever-inspiring feminine figure that has always been a major theme in so many artistic creations. Hunter & Gatti descontextualized the original photo, exploring how it could be transformed into something completely different, yet visually stimulating and concise. In order to achieve their goal, they experimented with different media on 100% cotton rag watercolor paper, blending digital printing, painting and different wax applications to convert their Muse into a fountain of endless inspiration.



Studied architecture at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York and at the Architectural Association, London, England, where he was mentored by Zaha Hadid. After completing his studies he spent the next ten years as head of design in her studio. In 1991, Wolfson established his own studio in London and in 1999 in Miami. He has worked throughout Europe and the USA on interiors, focusing on functional and sculptural art works shown at leading international art and design exhibitions, galleries, and public venues.
He has established a distinctive pathway, re-examining the forms and ideas of the early 20th century Modernist movements, particularly Constructivism and Futurism. His unique approach to design and art is informed by the dynamics of fracture and fragmentation – layering and manipulating his materials into fluid shapes and forms, where the dynamics of light, shadow and reflection are an integral part of the seduction of the work. They are elegant, graceful designs, easily resembling elongated black swan wings in repose; layered geological contortions, or the energetic movements of an impassioned orchestral conductor.  The exquisite use of noble materials woods, glass, metals and stones, as well as new materials, such as carbon fiber, brings dynamic elegance and an individual contemporary feeling that enhances his unique approach.


The Totem Geometry study sketches are a series of line & form examinations concentrating on unfolding pathways and growth characteristics relevant to the development of the Totem Sculptures. It is the directions of movement inherent in the forms that generate expansion and the development of subsequent eventualities.

There is a relevance in these studies to contemporary architectural methodologies, and associated contemporary processes that deal with creating, building and extruding forms in 3 dimensions.

Equally significant is the influence of proto-writing, Runic forms and the art of Chinese calligraphy, where a visual symbolic imagery is cultivated.

Totem; a spirit being, sacred object, or symbol that serves as an emblem of a group, such as a family, clan, lineage, or tribe. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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