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Natasha Zupan-Ramon Aular


September-October-November 2016



4385 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

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Natasha Zupan's work juxtaposes emotion, reflection, shadows, light, time, images and abstractions in a confrontation between traditional representation and contemporary subjectivities. She manipulates and interweaves concepts of time. Time, past and future are united in a perpetual possibility of change. Her work captures the resonances, and the echoes and reflection of conflict and evolution. Zupan's work is not about translating a world that already exists. It is about an entrance to a different universe.



Ramon Aular's idea of an art form is not based on a specific technique, instead on a function from symbolic properties of any given material, object or image can offer. In this case the colors and the golden shine represents the influence of Latin-American culture, the use of wood in an organic and natural state and the use of threads represent the connections between the real and ficticious world, between the open and closed; between the known factors and the unknown...

The artist assume the artistic practice from day-to-day experience and from the objects that relate to the body, with nature, within space and architecture. In his line of work he reveal the feeling that was once an idea and transforms into a palpable and very personal art form.

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