The Object Experience brings the smile box to your hands. (4 dinning sets: 16 pieces). designed by Marco Colin A limited-edition of tableware that offers unique handmade pieces. This set of objects that nourish the ritual of sitting and sharing around the food created in the Mexican kitchens. Each of the objects was thought and developed to be created with materials natural and give a unique meaning to the complete product, the baskets made of fibers naturally extracted from the rattan tree, from here comes the wicker, in which two versions come out, where flat wicker was used in one and round wicker in the other. The base of the dishes is made of ceramics in a local workshop in Mexico City where all processes are handmade giving the artisan touch that we also wanted to include in this story, it goes through several processes to give the final result of the dishes.

The object experience is born from the creative emotion of Caroline Silberman, its founder, who for years he has explored together with creative and artistic minds the way of daily art through utilitarian objects that coexist inside our homes.

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