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Manuel Santelices


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Hunter & Gatti

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"Like the world of fashion, the world of contemporary art has its own rules and stars. It can be fascinating, insightful and, sometimes, quite funny, full of contradictions and paradoxes.

Fame has always been a source of inspiration for my work as illustrator, and a handful of contemporary artists are today as famous as movie stars. They live in rarefied universe of international art fairs, multi billionaire collectors and chic gallery openings, surrounded by adoring fans and a constant buzz of adulation. They have uniforms (Tom Ford gray suits for Jeff Koons, silk pajamas for Julian Schnabel) and obsessions (Elizabeth Peyton and her beautiful princes, Cindy Sherman and her Instagram account); and their work, reproduced, shared and copied to infinity, is as recognizable as a bottle of Coke.

This series of drawings can be understood as a tribute to art and the people that make it, and, at the same time, a comment on contemporary art and the traps artists face in their quest to express themselves while in living the thin border of art and commerce."


-Manuel Santelices


The worlds of fashion, society and pop culture are explored through the illustrations of Manuel Santelices, a Chilean artist and journalist living and working in New York or the last 20 years. After writing stories about style, design, art and politics for a number of magazines, including the Spanish editions of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Esquire, and being fashion writer in New York for Vogue Mexico and Latin American for 7 years, Manuel decided to focus his attention to illustration, painting mostly with watercolors the same characters and events he covered as a journalist.



Hunter and Gatti is a creative duo, based in New York with office in Barcelona and formed by Cristian Hunter and Martin Gatti. They have known each other for more than a decade, working together as art directors for some of the most prestigious advertising agencies creating successful interactive online campaigns for fashion brands such as Burberry and Diesel. With their innovative outlook on art, film, and photography, Hunter & Gatti have established themselves as an internationally recognized creative duo within the fashion and art world, expanding effortlessly from their headquarters in Barcelona to New York City.


The founders and artistic minds behind Hunter & Gatti, Cristian Borillo and Martin Cespedes, have worked alongside one another for over a decade. Working as art directors, they have successfully produced numerous campaigns for fashion brands such as Burberry and Diesel. With this, Hunter & Gatti decided to explore even further the infinite possibilities of transformation by turning something as temporary as a fashion editorial, into something completely different and original; a unique piece of art. Thus, Hunter & Gatti was born. Hunter & Gatti immerse themselves in all aspects of development including creative initiatives, art direction, and photography; ultimately creating a holistic image for each individual brand.


This creative duo has worked side by side with iconic clients such as Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, Massimo Dutti, Carolina Herrera, Swarovski, Sony Music and Guess. They have also worked with magazines like Vogue, Esquire and Flaunt, whom have applauded their ability to produce exemplary work. Globally recognized for their artistic style and creative aesthetic, Hunter & Gatti have also produced an array of fashion films, each having its own unique personality. Their constant need to revitalize their outlooks and perspectives on the world is what keeps their creativity flowing, giving them immense success within both the art and fashion arena.


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