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02 MAY 19 - 15 AUG 19 

Juan Sebastian's interest in musical theatre and literature heavily influences his work as a photographer often times capturing a sense of musicality and fantasy. Inspired by elements of nature and myth, Sebastian channels the magical realism found in the work of literary masters Gabriel García Márquez and Isabel Allende. In his photos, the parameters with which dreams are distinguished from reality confront purposeful obscurement. For Sebastian, working within the expansive continuum of light and dark produces a visualization of the fantasy that pervades both dreams and the subconscious. Sebastian was recently chosen to be part of the international art exhibition “SELF MEMORIES” in conjunction with the prestigious Venice Art Biennale. The curators of the exhibit selected three of Juan Sebastian’s photographs that study the human body from a personal point of view based on his memories, experiences, and literature. This mystical perspective can be seen on the photomontage One Piece Man (36” x 48”) were Sebastian plays and deconstructs the body, re-creating a new study of the human form, freezing movement in time and taking the viewer to question the fragility of life and the boundaries to where it stands in space. Juan Sebastian, in addition to procuring long-term self-portrait and beauty projects, travels between Miami, New York, and Paris to shoot each city’s respective fashion weeks. With commissions from the likes of Del Pozo and Estée Lauder 

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