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WKND Lab korean artist



WKND Lab is a duo designer studio in Seoul, Korea. It was founded by Eunji Jun and Halin Lee. WKND Lab specializes in various design disciplines, including material research, object design, furniture design, and art installation. With a focus on material-driven narratives, WKND Lab communicates its philosophy about the dynamic interplay between design, humanity, and the natural environment.
WKND Lab is committed to crafting designs that are simple yet striking, with a strong emphasis on the unique texture and coloration of the materials they use. In doing so, WKND Lab hopes to encourage individuals to explore not only aesthetics but also environmentally, culturally, and socially conscious design alternatives.


The Oygg Series

This series is made using eggshells discarded from an ice cream shop and shells from Tong-yeong, Korea. There is an ice cream shop that makes gelato next to The WKND Lab’s workspace. They make ice cream based on eggs, not milk. In the process, 300 eggs are consumed every week and many shells are thrown away. Since then, based on the fact that CaCO3 is what mostly constitutes an eggshell, we got interested in oyster shells, which have the same composition- and decided to plan this Oygg series using eggshells and oyster shells. Because it is handmade, all products have diferent colors and patterns. The eggshell has a pink/orange color and the shell has a subtle grayish blue color, so if you use these to create texture, each piece will have a diferent shape and color.

Tempera Series

The Tempera series is made with upcycled duck egg yolk discarded by the pharmaceutical industry which is bio-degradable. Every piece is hand-made, color and measurement may slightly vary

Tying wishes Series

When Tiger Used to Smoke: Collection implies the idea of long-term sustainability by working with masters of each field who deserve much more recognition and incorporating modern furniture design with our traditional culture to make it more approachable.



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