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Yongwon Noh, artist, sculptor



Yongwon Noh, a Korean designer born in 1992 and based in the Netherlands and Seoul, completed his undergraduate studies in Metal Craft at Kookmin University in 2019 and earned his master's degree in Contextual Design from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2021. His work uniquely blends contrasts: seriousness with playfulness, luxury with vernacular, and the tradition with modernity.


Yongwon creatively uses vintage objects, signboards and advertisement images as materials in his designs, crafting a world where craftsmanship and chaos coexist seamlessly.


Jjirasi Vase

Jjirasi Vase explores the intertwined narratives of South Korea's urban landscapes and his own experiences, reflecting on how future generations might engage with traditional art and craft amidst its ongoing transformation. Inspired by the traditional Korean decorative technique of mother-of-pearl inlay, he reimagines images collected from Korean streets, transforming them into PVC stickers for decorative use.

Glitch Series

The Glitch series is a contemporary reimagining of Goryeo celadon aesthetics, where the vase serves as a canvas for the vibrant fragmentation akin to digital glitches, embodying the spirited encounter between traditional Korean beauty and the animated visuals of modern signboard culture.



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