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The Art Design Project is pleased to announce its exhibition:


Figurative Photographs

A curated selection of photographs by the exceptional artist Nico Baixas/ Gos-com-fuig, represented by our gallery, with the object of captivating the viewer and highlighting the true passion of this artist. This work explores the sculptural capacities of the hands. Stripping them of their symbolism or the functions for which they are normally used, Baixas explored them like someone examining a foreign body, searching for their limits and pushing them in different directions. To do this, the artists used opposed sculptural concepts like straight-curved, and simple-complex; searched for the interconnection between fingers, and the balance between distances, and tried to generate geometric shapes and textures. At times, he would find shapes that were like doors opening onto a myriad of new possibilities. Throughout the process, he discovered a world of fingers that transformed reality taking it to another level. Enjoy!

NICO BAIXAS / Gos-com-fuig

04 JUN 2024 - 04 AUG 2024

Untitled VI: nc-31-S3-0008. 100x100cm. Edition 1 of 5
Untitled XXVII. s-18-S4-0010. 100x100cm. Edition 2 of 5
Untitled XVI. 28-nc-15-S4-0011
Untitled XI. 52-c-2-S1-0002
Untitled XIX. nc-32-S2-0006
Untitled XXVIII. s-20-S2-0004. 50x50cm. Edition 1 of 20
Untitled XXXIX. nc-23-S2-0006
Untitled III. c-3-S1-0003. 100x100cm. Edition 1 of 5
Untitled X. nc-14-S1-0003. 50x50cm. Edition 1 of 20
Untitled XXI, nc-3-S2-0005, Nico Baixas
Untitled XXIX nc-14-S4-0010
Untitled XXXIV. s-20-S1-0003. 100x100cm. Edition 2 of 5
Untitled XXXII. nc-30-S3-0009
Untitled XII, XXXVII, and Untitled XXVI

Nico Baixas

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