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Luigi Christopher Veggetti Kanku is an Afro-Italian painter of Congolese origins. Veggetti has been working on the contemporary art scene for some time. Since 2002 his works have been shown in Italian and foreign galleries. To his credit are collective, personal, private and museum exhibitions and participation in art fairs. His canvases are present in various catalogs including the monograph 30 Tele published by Cairo Mondadori and the volume Forte dei Marmi published by Allemandi. The first recounts his first 10 years of artistic activity, presenting his path from street artist to collaborations with galleries; the second introduces the viewer to the artist's first research into Italian seascapes and landscapes. His figurative painting has multiple subjects: portraits, urban views and natural landscape scenarios. Today, after dedicating himself mainly to foreign collaborations in recent years, Christopher has returned to focus on the national territory, proposing exhibitions and socio cultural events, in order to raise awareness and promote a multicultural reality.


Portraits Series

The portraits of Christopher Veggetti are not just works of art; they embody a tangible testimony of the deep need for social inclusion at a national level. In an Italy undergoing constant transformation, where the social fabric is constantly changing, minorities emerge as central figures, assuming the role of protagonists in a pictorial narrative that documents a change often overlooked or silently hidden.

The Beaches Series

The beaches of Luigi Christopher Veggetti Kanku represent a pictorial exploration that goes beyond the mere representation of the subject itself. The artist seeks to convey a poetry that manifests through an oscillation between the present and an eternal past. This artistic inquiry does not limit itself to a superficial reading of the beaches but aims to delve deeper, highlighting their intrinsic essence and symbolic significance.

Through his painting, Veggetti Kanku invites viewers to contemplate not only the visual beauty of the beaches but also to reflect on their role in time and space. The beaches become places laden with memory and suggestion, where the present blends with the past in a timeless continuum.

This pictorial exploration aims to transcend the banal interpretations of the subject, instead offering a deeper and more contemplative vision that invites observers to immerse themselves in the poetic and evocative atmosphere of the beaches painted by Veggetti Kanku.



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